This article will help you to configure LDAP and Kerberos on Debian server and Debian client machine.  We will configure Kerberos first. After we have got Kerberos working, we will move to LDAP configuration. It good practice to do it in this order, because it let us to test each component separately.

Today we will have a look how to check VHD metadata consistency in VHD chains.

The goal of the following series of articles is to show you how you can implement Linux as a Small Business Server or as a Home Server to store your digital content in the same place.

This article describes how to configure IPv6 tunnel and IPv6 network which coexist with IPv4 network. It might be suitable for testing IPv6 running IPv6 concurrently with IPv4.

This article describes how to rescue data from encrypted LUKS LVM volume or how to generate new initrd in case you are not able to boot from LUKS volume.