Linux Small Business Server - Base Installation (part 1)

The goal of the following series of articles is to show you how you can implement Linux as a Small Business Server or as a Home Server to store your digital content in the same place.



I will use Debian Wheezy (update: Jessie will also work) for the intallation and configuration of Linux Small Business Server. I am a big fan of Debian, because there is no commercial company behind it. For me personally, this is the reason why I alway install Debian. You can use Linux distribution of your liking, however if you do so, you might need to adjust some steps in this tutorial and install packages related to your distribution.

I am also assuming that you have got some Linux skills. I don't want to go into the smallest details, because that would make the howto really long.


Base Installation

I am going to cheat a little in this article, because there is no point of reinventing a wheel. There are several articles explaining how to install base Debian Wheezy on the web. I would recommend the tutorials at

After you complete base Linux install:


You are done and ready for next step - LDAP and Kerberos.


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