RBD SR on XenServer - the manual way

Just in case someone is interested in mapping RBD device on XenServer manually, here is the way how to do it.


Patch lvm.conf on all xenservers in the pool

-    types= [ "nvme", 64, "mtip32xx", 64 ]
+    types= [ "nvme", 64, "mtip32xx", 64 , "rbd", 64 ]

Map RBD device

# modprobe rbd
# /bin/echo "<ceph_monitor_ip_adresses> name=admin,secret=<admin_keyring> <poolname> <imagename>" > /sys/bus/rbd/add

Create device link 

# ln -s /dev/rbd1 /dev/disk/by-id/<poolname>-<imagename>

Create XenServer SR

# xe sr-create content-type=user device-config:device=/dev/disk/by-id/<poolname>-<imagename> name-label=”RBDSR” shared=true type=lvm


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