Cisco 887VAW Configuration

The Cisco 887VAW introduces a concept of integrated AP that is running dedicated IOS image file separately from the router's IOS image file.

The Ethernet port is in a form of Gigabit Ethernet instead of Fast Ethernet. This Gigabit Ethernet ports is visible on both the AP configuration and router configuration where a GigabitEthernet0 interface resides in the AP and a Wlan-GigabitEthernet0 interface resides in the router. The two Gigabit Ethernet ports are internally interconnected, similar to a setup where there is an external AP 1200 Fast Ethernet port is interconnected using a physical Ethernet cable to a 871 non-wireless router's Fast Ethernet port.

Such internal interconnectivity between the two Gigabit Ethernet ports can be seen as a regular switch access or trunk port. Similar to a regular switch port that by default both Gigabit Ethernet ports are set as access port passing only default VLAN which is VLAN 1. Should you plan to create multiple SSID over the same dot11radio interface, then the Gigabit Ethernet ports must be set as trunk ports.


Basic Configuration

Follow my previous article.


Wireless Access Point Configuration

You need to assign ip address on wlan interface and "no shutdown" to be able to connect with service-module:

conf t 
interface wlan-ap0
ip unnumbered vlan

To switch console to Wireless AP create session to AP using service-module:

service-module wlan-ap0 session

Trying, 2002 ... Open


Set static IP address on interface BVI 1:

ap#conf t
ap(config)#interface bvi 1
ap(config-if)#ip address

Radio Configuration:

ap#configure terminal 
ap(config)#dot11 ssid ssidname
ap(config-dot11)# authentication open
ap(config-dot11)# authentication key-management wpa version 2
ap(config-dot11)# guest-mode
ap(config-dot11)# wpa-psk ascii
ap(config-dot11)# exit
ap(config)#interface dot11radio {0| 1} 
ap(config-if)# ssid ssidname
ap(config-if)# encryption mode ciphers aes-ccm
ap(config)# no shutdown 
ap(config)# end

To go back from Wireless AP Device to router:

From the AP do:

1. Control-Shift-6
2. Then press x

From the Router do: 

1. Type disconnect and enter
2. If you press Enter twice without disconnect command it will return you back to AP. 

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